Social Media


CCSD 46 manages social media accounts for the district and schools to provide parents and the community a glimpse into the school day and provide information on school events and activities.

CCSD 46 accounts are used to share news, events, and updates from the district and building level.

D46 Social Media Accounts

Responsible Use of Social Media
CCSD 46 abides by the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, and the district asks that our D46 community do the same. In particular, please do not post unauthorized commercial solicitations, bully, intimidate or harass anyone, post content that is hateful, threatening, pornographic, or that contains nudity, graphic or gratuitous violence, or in any other way post unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory comments on the CCSD 46 social media channels.

  • We ask that you Be Respectful – personal attacks or derogatory comments aimed at specific individuals, employees, or students are absolutely not permitted and those comments will be removed.
  • We ask that you Be Polite – avoid language that is abusive or inappropriate, including racist, sexist, sexually explicit, or obscene comments. Remember we do have children who visit our social media sites as well.
  • We ask that you Be Relevant – do not post comments to promote a product, service, or political agenda. Spam, commercial advertisements or content unrelated to the school district may be removed.
  • We ask that you Be Factual – post accurate information only. Any posts that spread blatantly inaccurate, libelous, or false information will be removed.

All comment postings are at the discretion of the social media page administrator and may be removed if any of the above guidelines are disrespected. Please remember, the CCSD 46 social media channels are a vehicle for the district to share information to our community. If you have questions specific to your child, please contact your child’s teacher or building administrator.