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Board of Education Election campaign button graphicBoard of Education Elections
School board members seeking reelection and new candidates running for local boards of education can begin circulating nominating petitions on Tuesday, September 20 for the 2023 Consolidated Election. Petitions for school board candidates are available in the Illinois State Board of Elections 2023 Candidate’s Guide. A link to petition forms can be found on pages 42-43 of the Candidate’s Guide, along with a candidate checklist (page 12) and information on campaign contributions/expenses and disclosure (pages 19-20).

A series of four live-streamed webinars will be provided by IASB in September, October, November, and December for candidates interested in running for their local school board. The events are free and open to current board members and candidates seeking a seat on a board of education. The first live stream will take place on September 15 at noon with the discussion focusing on petition circulation. Additional topics will include the Statement of Economic Interests form, petition filing, and understanding the role of a school board member. Information on the 2023 consolidated election is available on the IASB School Board Elections webpage, with additional resources for candidates to be posted in the coming months as they become available.

IASB has updated a popular resource for prospective school board candidates—Qualifications and Characteristics of a School Board Member. The pamphlet includes school board member qualifications and a job description, characteristics of effective board members, how to prepare for serving on a board of education, reasons why school board members choose to serve, and other resources to assist candidates when deciding to run for a board position. Additional materials for school board candidates can be found on the IASB website.

CCSD 46 Strategic Plan
In the spring of 2021, the school district created a new Strategic Plan in order to gain a common understanding of our commitments to students and families. Along with our new Mission Statement, we also created a new Vision Statement: CCSD 46 provides opportunities that expand learning beyond our walls so that all learners grow locally, connect globally, and excel universally. Visit our Strategic Plan to view our mission, vision, values, and goals.

Strategic Plan

Board of Education Policy Manual
The CCSD 46 Board of Education policy manual may be changed at any time at the sole discretion of the Board and/or the Superintendent, whichever has appropriate jurisdiction, subject only to mandatory collective bargaining requirements.

Board of Education Policy Manual

Graphic: FAQ documentFrequently Asked Questions Regarding Students of Undocumented and Immigrant Families
CCSD 46 has put together information regarding students of undocumented and immigrant families as it relates to their public education. Information is provided on the recent executive orders on immigration status, children’s ability to attend public schools, CCSD 46 diversity policy, Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, and student services.

To learn more about immigration rights, please contact an immigration attorney for accurate advice about your immigration rights. To protect your rights and avoid scams, rely only on advice from attorneys or persons with verifiable training or experience in immigration law and procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

Understanding School Finance
Community Consolidated School District 46 is committed to establishing, maintaining, and improving educational programs within the funds provided by taxes and other sources of revenue. The District believes that it takes the administration, staff, and community to accomplish that. Educating and providing information to the community about district finances is very important.

More information about school finance can be found on the Illinois Association of School Board’s website and the .pdf document: Illinois Association of School Boards Parent Resources (pdf)

CCSD 46 Final Budget
The CCSD 46 Final Budget for Fiscal Year 2022-2023 was created with the assumption that the District has complete responsibility for the preparation and modification of its annual budget and is solely accountable for its fiscal matters, including surpluses and deficits, and assignments of management. This document has been prepared to communicate a comprehensive review of the annual financial plan and the result operations to the Members of the Board of Education, local citizens, and other constituents. The actions of the School Board, Administration, and Staff have positioned the District to be able to maintain the continuation of successful programs and to pursue the attainment of District-wide goals. The budget is adopted according to the provisions of Board Policy 4:10.

Fiscal Year 22

CCSD 46 Final Budget FY22
Meritorious Budget Award


Fiscal Year 21

CCSD 46 Final Budget FY21
Meritorious Budget Award