ALICE Parent Information

ALICE Training for Students

In the fall of 2022, CCSD 46 initiated a new program for armed intruder drills throughout the district. The protocol is known as ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate).

In October, we hosted a Parent/Guardian ALICE Information Night at Grayslake Middle School. A repeat information night was also held at Park School Campus. The presentation was recorded for any parents or guardians who would like to view it.

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Also in October, all of our schools provided students with age-appropriate training in the ALICE protocol. This was not an actual drill. Instead, teachers shared information and led discussions with the children. Then, in November, teachers reviewed the information with students, and schools ran ALICE drills, which included lockdowns.

Parents and guardians who have specific questions or concerns should contact the building principal.

Classroom Training Presentations: